Our Driver-Guides are the best on the road. Knowledgeable as Celtic Druids and as fiery as Viking Warriors; they love taking you to their favourite places in Scotland, sharing the best of our wee countries’ magical landscapes, gruesome stories and jaw-dropping scenery. With their individual personalities and unquestionable passion, each tour will be a unique, once in a lifetime experience. Meet the team here:


Originally from the Lowlands and having grown up in the city, I never tire of getting out and seeing the Highlands! I have a real passion for sharing stories about Scottish history and the folklore of this country. You will usually find me either up a hill and enjoying the views, or at the bottom enjoying a depends on the weather!


Passionate friendly Scotsman. Proud to show off this wee Country’s mesmerising landscapes and share tales of ancient folklore and fascinating history. Happiest by a loch or walking through one of Scotland’s majestic glens. Up a mountain, followed by a dram of whisky by the fire is my perfect way to end a day out in Scotland. What a regard is Paradise Bonnie Scotland.


As I start my 23rd season as a tour guide with Highland Explorer, I see myself as one of the most fortunate people in Scotland. Sharing the sites and stories from Shetland, to the Scottish Borders is a passion that grows deeper with every tour I have the pleasure in guiding, I hope to share our Scotland with you soon.


I'm 50% Highlander and 50% Lowlander so that makes me 100% Scottish. Being passionate about Scotland is one thing but sharing that passion with people only makes the heart grow fonder. From sampling our finest whisky, troubled past to following trails to hidden gems, there's something to make everyone to fall in love with in Scotland.


After spending 6 years following the sun around the world, a dastardly virus brought me home to Bonnie Scotland. Now I'm behind the wheel, showing off some of the best wee spots we have to offer and I can say it rivals some of the wonders of the world. Lowland born, Highland heart.


The variety in this job in unreal! From the tour choices, to the people, you are pretty much guaranteed something new on every trip. But it’s the sights and locations that are the real biggies, from a stunning sunset over Oban to a dramatic, misty day on Skye.


Since joining the team in 2019, I have been proud to be part of Highland Explorer! Every day and tour is a new adventure... I love being able to show off how beautiful and magnificent my home country is!


My name is Iain and I am passionate about the Highlands and Scotland in general. For me, it's a love affair with the beauty of the landscape, the rich complexity of the history of the lands, over thousands of years, combined with a deep respect for the language, regional dialects and culture of Scotland. It's nice to be able to talk about it and hopefully be entertaining at the same time.


Cara in the Highlands

A lowland lassie with a good mix of Celtic heritage and Irn Bru running through my veins. With spending summers in Ireland and the rest of the year exploring Scotland, the Highlands captured my heart. I love sharing the myths and legends of Scotland that I got told as a wee lass.


Driver Guide Jada

Home is where the heart is, and my heart definitely belongs to Scotland. Previously working and living abroad, the pandemic brought me back. Scotland’s beauty is unrivalled. I’m excited to share the magic and watch Scotland capture some more hearts.



Sophie in the Highlands

Radical Travel’s very own Derry Girls Driver Guide. Passionate about all the beauty of Scotland and its mythical islands. Love meeting new people and welcoming them – regardless of the weather!!



Alistair in the Scottish Forest

Hugely passionate about the outdoors, travelling and the natural world. Showcasing Scotland to foreigners and locals is a true privilege and I’m looking forward to sharing a little slice of Scottish paradise! Avid book reader and Puffin lover.



Driver Guide Mark

Just another Australian who fell in love with the Highlands. Picture taker turned professional storyteller; I’d love to share some tales. I was raised in Australia but found home here in Scotland, I want to show you the reason why I will convince you to stay. Yes, this is a threat.



Driver Guide Paul

From the Borders, I have a passion for all things Scottish. Everyday is a blessing and there is nowhere else I’d rather be doing than travelling around god’s country, eating haggis and shortbread, and drinking Irn Bru.

A keen travel and mountain Guide who loves to explore new areas and adventures around Scotland. I love to tell stories of the landscape and history of Scotland.



Driver Guide Cliff

A keen travel and mountain Guide who loves to explore new areas and adventures around Scotland. I love to tell stories of the landscape and history of Scotland.


Guide Harrison

An Englishman that got lost in the Highlands and fell in love with Scotland. This incredible land has everything from breath-taking landscapes, enthralling history, and wonderfully friendly people. I love helping people explore this magical country, learning new folklore tales and trying new whisky.


Born and raised a Highlander, I’m proud to be Scottish. Incredible history, bens, and glens, and you can’t forget our whiskies! Scotland has it all and I can’t wait to meet you and welcome you to my magnificent country.


A Scottish lassie from the Northeast of Scotland living in auld Reekie getting to travel the Highlands. Hat better job than showcasing our beautiful country full of amazing stories, landscapes, and people. In one days work I can go from a historian to geologist and there’s never two days the same.